League tables demonstrate academic success for Farnborough Sixth Form College!

Posted on Thursday 24 January 2013

College scores highly against all other schools and colleges in Hampshire

In the Government’s league tables, published 24 January 2013, The Sixth Form College has scored highly against all other schools and colleges in Hampshire. Only one other provider (a small independent school) scored better than students from the College, which is by some distance the best placed sixth form or general further education college in the County. Nationally, only three (out of 94) other sixth form colleges were ranked higher than the College.

A notable feature of the providers listed in the table is the number of students entered by schools and colleges for A level. Many of the schools rated higher than the College are highly selective, independent schools whereas the College entry requirements for A level remain amongst the lowest in the country.

Ranking in Hampshire School/College Average point score per student Number of students
1 St Swithun's School (IND) 1128.8 64
2 The Sixth Form College Farnborough 1030.3 1545
3 Peter Symonds College 989.0 1478
4 Churcher's College (IND) 985.0 104
5 Winchester College (IND) 952.0 142
6 Alton Convent School (IND) 942.0 31
7 Farnborough Hill (IND) 934.4 29
8 The Burgate School 903.6 117
9 Bedales School (IND) 862.5 86
10 Lord Wandsworth College (IND) 838.8 68

IND = Independent School

Schools and colleges are ranked within each local education authority by the average points score per student. The points system works as follows:
A-level grade A* scores 300 points, A = 270, B= 240, C = 210, D = 180, E = 150.

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Simon Jarvis, Principal of The Sixth Form College Farnborough, said: “We are delighted that the hard work and diligent study demonstrated by our students has been reflected so positively in the latest league tables. Full credit goes to our excellent teaching staff who support our students so brilliantly, year on year. This is a period of significant change in education particularly in the post-16 curriculum."

"Only yesterday, the Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove, announced far reaching reforms to the structure of A level. This College will embrace the changes implemented by the Government in the positive manner in which it has always done over the years. Together with our talented students and teachers, we will continue to strive for - and achieve - excellence across the breadth of subjects we offer.”

Principal congratulates students on Results Day August 2012

Principal congratulates students on Results Day August 2012