Testing new safety feature for young drivers

Posted on Thursday 7 March 2013

College Student takes part in BBC film

Lucy Magri-Overend, a student at the College, together with her Mother, Debbie, recently took part in an impartial test drive and discussion about Ford's new safety feature being bought to the UK, which is aimed at new, young drivers.

Lucy reports on the experience:

"The system offers two keys – one for new drivers and one for the parents. The parents can set their children’s key to have a speed limit, volume limit and speed warnings.

We met Ford, the BBC filming team and Richard Westcott – Transport Correspondent – at a test track where I was interviewed whilst driving the car, which was a great hands on experience with the safety features, fitted to the car. They asked the opinions of both my Mum and I in order to determine whether or not the system is a good idea.

I found the experience incredibly interesting. It’s a very good idea and I can definitely see the positives! However, I do believe, as my mum said, that if someone wants to drive like an idiot they will drive like an idiot and the safety system will only go so far as to prevent excessive speeding and radio distractions. Nevertheless, the aspect that insurance could be potentially lowered is certainly a positive, as over-priced insurance is a problem that is facing my generation.

Overall, I found the experience very interesting and it is good to see that the problem of dangerous, young driving is being addressed in a clever and modern way.”

To view the film visit http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-21483160

Lucy and her mum with the BBC team

Lucy and her mum with the BBC team